Maxkin Water leak Sensor (SS-F01)

Maxkin รุ่น Water leak Sensor

Water leak Sensor

  • อุปกรณ์ตรวจจับน้ำรั่ว
  • ความยาวสายตรวจจับน้ำรั่ว 95 เซ็นติเมตร
  • แบตเตอรี่ขนาด AAAAx2 ใช้งานได้นาน 1 ปี
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Wireless Water Leak Detector DIY design

  • Еelegant appearance;
  • Simple to operate and easy to install;
  • Compatible with the FHSS Wireless Control Panel;
  • Hight sensibility and stability;
  • Activated LED indicator when alarming;
  • 4 ft. leak detection cable. It can detect water leakage immediately and the alarm is activated;
  • Located on the floor below a bath, washbasin, kitchen sink or anywhere a tap could be left running;
  • Cover tamper detection;
  • Low battery alert and periodical supervision;
  • Completely wireless, which greatly reduces installation time and maximizes placement options;
  • Transmit distance: ≤150m (open area);
  • Battery Type: 1.5V AAAA x 2


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