Tiandy TC-R3840 Spec:E/B/R/N

Tiandy รุ่น TC-R3840 Spec:E/B/R/N

H.265 8HDD 40ch Redundant power supply NVR

  • เข้ารหัสวีดีโอ S+265/H.265/H.264
  • รองรับกล้องไอพี 40 ช่องสูงสุด 12 MP
  • มีช่อง 2 HDMI / 2 VGA รองรับความละเอียดสูงสุด 4K (3840 × 2160)
  • รองรับ HDD 8 SATA สูงสุด 10 TB Hot swap HDD
  • Redundant power
  • Incoming Bandwidth 320Mbps
  • Outgoing Bandwidth 320Mbps
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HD Input

• S+265/H.265/H.264 video formats

• Connectable to the third-party network cameras

• Up to 40 IP cameras can be connected

• Supports live view, storage, and playback of the connected camera at up to 12MP resolution
HD Output 

• HDMI and VGA independent outputs

• HDMI Video output at up to 4K (3840 × 2160) resolution
HD Storage 

• 8 SATA interfaces connectable for recording and backup, up to 10TB for each HDD

• S+265 compression effectively reduces the storage space and costs by up to 75%

HD Transmission

• 2 self-adaptive 10/100/1000 Mbps network interfaces
Stability assurance

• Hot swap HDD

•Redundant power
Various Applications 

• Centralized management of IP cameras, including configuration, information import/export, real-time information display, two-way audio, upgrade, etc.

• Connectable to smart IP cameras from Tiandy and the recording, playing back, and backing up of VCA alarms can be realized

• VCA detection alarm is supported

• Smart search for the selected area in the video and smart playback to improve the playback efficiency

• Web6 supports plug-in-free browsing and can preview videos on all browsers